KSLS Lemon Starrburst Hot Pepper Powder 1/2oz

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1/2oz hot pepper powder


The KSLS (Khang Starr Lemon StarrBurst)  is a hybrid created by KhangStarr of the MOA Scotch Bonnet and the Bahamian Goat pepper.  It is shaped like a UFO and often develop a stinger like tail. The color of KSLS is lemon yellow. The flavor is described as fruity, slightly sweet with a true lemon citrus flavor. Heat is comparable to upper level habanero / scotch bonnet types. 

*Khang Starr has requested that seeds for this variety are not to be sold, only gifted. We will respect his wishes. We will not sell any KSLS seeds at NorthShore PepperWorks.