Aji Pineapple Hot Pepper Powder 1/2 oz

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The Aji Pineapple is a delightful yellow baccatum pepper with elongated fruits that average from 2-3 inches long. They start green before finally ripening to bright yellow. Similar to other Aji types, which are typically bright and fruity tasting. In fact, the Aji Pineapple is so similar to the Aji lemon that some have debated that they are actually the same pepper, while others strongly disagree. However everyone seems to conclude the Aji Pineapple is the better  tasting of the two. The Aji Pineapple runs around 15,000 - 30,000 Scoville Heat Units, so it is only moderately hot. Roughly 3x hotter than a Jalapeño, and much milder than a habanero. True to form, the Aji Pineapple has a distinct pineapple taste. Perfect for a tropical inspired hot sauce or salsa.